Jeff Goodwin

  • 0412 420 479

Jeff has held a number of roles in his professional life and these have evolved into today being the Director Of Leipzig Real Estate, part of the Leipzig Australia group of companies. 

Leipzig is synonymous with excellence and innovation and it is these drivers that help provide outstanding results.Creative platforms such as Property IN the Pub or the use of established networks and databases compliment the best Sales Plan for your property. If Jeff truly believed that he was not the best person to sell your property then he would tell you and help find the person that was. Highly-developed communication skills and excellent negotiation capability allows the delivery of clear and exact understanding at every stage of the selling process and makes the campaign stress free.

Jeff is highly organized, proactive and relishes the challenge of each sales campaign. He believes that only performance counts and knows that the responsibility entrusted to him is a significant decision. 

Hard work, a sense of humour and being results driven are a winning combination for everyone involved.